National Blog Lines - February 21, 2018

Pick out the Trump quote about Billy Graham

Brad Warthen: 02/21/18 11:46 am

Tweet Chris Cillizza posted this: Here are five from well-known Republican politicians. See if you can pick out the one from President Donald Trump: 1. “Dr. Graham was a counselor to preside...

SC Club for Growth Foundation Releases 2017 Legislative Scorecards

SC Club for Growth: 02/21/18 11:16 am

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 21, 2018 SC Club for Growth Foundation Releases Legislative Scorecards 76% of Legislature Fails to Make the Fiscally Conservative Grade COLUMBIA, S.C. – Earlier to...

#SC2018: Reform Rivals Invade Each Other’s Turf

FITS News: 02/21/18 11:13 am

South Carolina's governor is increasingly an observer in his own race ...

Eight years ago on February 23rd, Cuban prisoner of conscience Orlando Zapata Tamayo died

Babalu: 02/21/18 11:01 am

How A Good Candidate Becomes A Better Candidate-- By Running For Office

Down with Tyranny: 02/21/18 11:00 am

About bars closing at 2 a.m. in Columbia

Brad Warthen: 02/21/18 10:54 am

TweetFor my second post of the day based on Twitter, I’ll give you something I retweeted this morning: Kevin Fisher doing some serious Kevin Fishering here. — Free Times...

Apartheid tourism continues to flourish in Castro Kingdom of Cuba

Babalu: 02/21/18 10:41 am

THIS is what political exploitation of gun tragedies looks like

Brad Warthen: 02/21/18 10:11 am

Tweet I get up in the morning, I work out, I skim Twitter, I peruse several newspapers, and I get ideas that could be blog posts, but I fritter them away in Tweets before breakfast is over, and the bl...

Quote of the Day – Cuba’s devil went down to Venezuela

Babalu: 02/21/18 09:30 am

Cuban dissident Guillermo “Coco” Fariñas yesterday at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy: “The devil is in Venezuela, but his head is in Cuba.” H/T Hillel Neuer

狙われた女子大生 共謀痴漢バス 明里つむぎ

Wolfe Reports: 02/21/18 09:22 am

#NukeGate Email Scandal: The Latest

FITS News: 02/21/18 08:44 am

South Carolina law enforcement officials have yet to comment on the status of their recently launched investigation into fraudulent emails sent to state lawmakers in connection with the still-unfo...

Cuba’s communist economy in comparison to other Latin American economies: corruption and failure

Babalu: 02/21/18 08:01 am

生真面目教育ママの意外な本性 酒乱でド淫乱化する発情オンナ 鈴木真夕

Wolfe Reports: 02/21/18 07:58 am

Who's Going To Win In November?

Down with Tyranny: 02/21/18 07:00 am

Multiple Charges To Be Filed In Heidi Todd Kidnapping Case

FITS News: 02/21/18 05:35 am

Law enforcement sources at the local, state and federal level tell us a broad array of charges are expected to be filed against Thomas Lawton Evans, the ex-convict accused of kidnapping four-...

市川まさみ 超敏感クリトリス弄りっぱなし絶頂トランス3本番

Wolfe Reports: 02/21/18 03:25 am

Sacto City Council Announces Taxpayer Funded Appeal Against Infill Project Developer

Flash Report (CA): 02/21/18 03:04 am

Sacramento Developer Petrovich Spent $50 Million Cleaning Up Toxic Rail Yard, While City Council Spent $800,000 in Legal Fees To Stop His Development   Part ll of California Sh*thole: Leftist Po...

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

Down with Tyranny: 02/21/18 02:01 am


Wolfe Reports: 02/21/18 01:40 am


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