National Blog Lines - April 21, 2018

Cuba’s new ‘president,’ Miguel Diaz-Canel: Raul Castro’s human Twitter account

Babalu: 04/21/18 12:30 pm

Santana in El Nuevo Herald: “The General will continue making all the decisions.” “Then Diaz-Canel is really just like a Twitter account used to announce them.” “Exac...

The Cuban president no one knew

Babalu: 04/21/18 11:01 am

Ready For The Trump Version Of NAFTA?

Down with Tyranny: 04/21/18 11:00 am

USC Law School Bombs South Carolina Bar Exam

FITS News: 04/21/18 10:45 am

Dean taking heat from alumni over abysmal results ...

Babalú talks Cuba, fake Cuban elections, and the Summit of the Americas with The Conservatarians

Babalu: 04/21/18 09:30 am


Wolfe Reports: 04/21/18 08:06 am

The New York Times swallows hook and line of fake election in Cuba, but not ready for the sinker jus

Babalu: 04/21/18 08:01 am

The Predatory Presidency

Down with Tyranny: 04/21/18 07:00 am


Wolfe Reports: 04/21/18 05:08 am


Wolfe Reports: 04/21/18 03:55 am

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

Down with Tyranny: 04/21/18 02:01 am


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