National Blog Lines - November 22, 2017

Lieber Correctional Slaying: Details Released

FITS News: 11/22/17 10:08 am

Alleged assailant identified ...

Most loathsome quote of the day, from Puerto Rican terrorist

Babalu: 11/22/17 10:04 am

Photos of the Day – Growing up under a totalitarian communism in East Germany

Babalu: 11/22/17 09:30 am

Under communist oppression, the indoctrination of the young starts early, continues throughout childhood, and is unrelenting all the way to the grave. Via the Victims of Communism blog Dissident: See ...

Gamecock Football Back In National Rankings

FITS News: 11/22/17 09:09 am

Can they stay there?

#SC2018: Tom Davis Assails GOP Frontrunners

FITS News: 11/22/17 08:18 am

Henry McMaster, Catherine Templeton slammed for inconsistencies on tax policy ...

Mugabe is gone and North Korea is back on the State Sponsors of Terror list: A bad day for Cuba’s

Babalu: 11/22/17 08:01 am

A year later, and the jeep is probably still in the shop

Babalu: 11/22/17 08:00 am

Is There A Central Core To Trumpism-- Aside From Kleptocracy?

Down with Tyranny: 11/22/17 08:00 am


Wolfe Reports: 11/22/17 07:20 am

貴女は牝種馬に選ばれました 諸星エミリー

Wolfe Reports: 11/22/17 06:44 am

【VR】瞬間移動VR 霧島さくら 部屋・職場・ロッカールーム…同じマンショ

Wolfe Reports: 11/22/17 04:42 am

CA’s Capitol ‘Unwanted Sexual Advances’ Problem and Official Cover Ups

Flash Report (CA): 11/22/17 03:00 am

With the casting couch being front page headlines in Hollywood, New York, Washington D.C. and in California’s State Capitol,“unwanted sexual advances” has become the latest unfortunate phras...


Wolfe Reports: 11/22/17 02:20 am

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

Down with Tyranny: 11/22/17 02:01 am


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